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› Sunday 7/17/2005
Solstice:  Subject
Solstice:  Secrets of Lovers
› Monday 7/18/2005
Robot Journal:  I want to celebrate my robot decked out as a beautiful red-haired girl!
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Recidivism
Art Colony:  life in the happybake oven
Pony:  summer homes
Sunshine Jen:  Globally Located Location
Sunshine Jen:  Globally Located Location
Nutshell Kingdom:  Writing in Fists
Learning to Fall:  cool.
Solstice:  Smoking a fag on the back porch
Lisa Says:  funny ha ha
Gator Country:  seeing red
Poop Beetle:  Lucky number 7
› Tuesday 7/19/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  Me and Him
Cootie Girl:  Who's your D.I.L.F.?
Art Colony:  i am not a drama queen. or am i?
Art Colony:  walking on north
Pony:  track 7
Nutshell Kingdom:  This Is a Washington Blog, I Suppose
Film and Television Rights:  Ads Before the Movie
Nutshell Kingdom:  The Man With The Head of A Bear
Learning to Fall:  only a test.
Solstice:  You hate my lies
› Wednesday 7/20/2005
Klutch.xls:  Hell is so "hot in herre!"
Art Colony:  a message on our mailbox--oh sh*t??!
Pony:  Good shirts and the politics of clothing
Sunshine Jen:  The Sandman
Nutshell Kingdom:  Big Rock Candy Mountain
Learning to Fall:  skin.
Gator Country:  RIP Scotty
Solstice:  and they tell themselves they're still young lions
› Thursday 7/21/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  Boys of Blue Hill
Art Colony:  Harry Potter (*warning: there may be spoilers but I've only read half of it so far)
Teen News:  Why I Love Local News
Road Dust:  I'd Like to Put My Love on You
Gator Country:  yes, jessica, there is a life beyond the snack box
Nutshell Kingdom:  The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Solstice:  Burying the Old
› Friday 7/22/2005
Learning to Fall:  escape.
Upgrown and Overblown:  Number Ninth
Nutshell Kingdom:  Both Meanings
Art Colony:  Insomnia, meet Headache (and vice-versa)
Nutshell Kingdom:  Near West Virginia
Cootie Girl:  3 letters and 2 words
elanamatic:  Fried Day.
River Rat:  revenge of the frogs
› Saturday 7/23/2005
Art Colony:  toaster pastreez: menos divercion!