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› Sunday 7/24/2005
Solstice:  and you shall know us by our smell
Learning to Fall:  gone, gone, gone.
Gator Country:  cinnamon man
Solstice:  Why I retire in a strange way
Robot Journal:  Brooklyn: a clean trailer park
› Monday 7/25/2005
Art Colony:  vacazion con malas peliculas
Pony:  some random lessons from the weekend
Solstice:  The wanes of War
Sunshine Jen:  Lanterne Rouge
Nutshell Kingdom:  Break Your Heart (Over and Over)
Solstice:  Dun Beige Grey Taupe
Solstice:  When it comes
Learning to Fall:  on again.
Remote Control Juice:  delinquent blade life
› Tuesday 7/26/2005
Tropical Depression:  virtue
elanamatic:  Look Busy.
Art Colony:  i need some help with this feng shui...
Nutshell Kingdom:  Mousetrap
Pony:  Full Room
Post-Modern Drunkard:  English As She Is SMSed
Upgrown and Overblown:  Tenth-Avenue Freeze Out
Learning to Fall:  tabled.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Humidity
Lisa Says:  smiley smiles
Solstice:  It is a Pretty Town
Poop Beetle:  Wanted: the exploitable
Poop Beetle:  Wanted: the exploitable
› Wednesday 7/27/2005
Gator Country:  mini soda
Art Colony:  call me, don't be afraid, you can call me...
Nutshell Kingdom:  Sarita
Honky Cracker:  Bands I Want to Start with My Friend Ben
Nutshell Kingdom:  Rip It Up
Pony:  Happy Birthday, Sydney!
Ornithopter:  A Cathy Moment...
Film and Television Rights:  Donations Wanted: C/O Homeland Security
Learning to Fall:  super dooper pooper scooper.
Solstice:  The one that comes before all others
› Thursday 7/28/2005
Gator Country:  tomorrow i go home
Tropical Depression:  radio, reprised
The Wrong Squid:  Sorry, no vegetarians
Art Colony:  whatever you do, don't think about elephants
Nutshell Kingdom:  Stonewall (descriptions liberally stolen from Sara)
Pony:  To-Do
Learning to Fall:  the lamb, on.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Psychology and Relationships (a study in self-loathing)
Art Colony:  gonna try to clear things up for ya
Tim!:  Recipe
› Friday 7/29/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  Guitars, Cadillacs, Hillbilly Music
Pony:  monkey cake: anniversary 3.0
Cootie Girl:  just shut the fuck up already!
Remote Control Juice:  cold lightbulbs
Learning to Fall:  back of the bus.
› Saturday 7/30/2005
Art Colony:  cue the sleep!
Road Dust:  A Story About Mistaken Identity
Solstice:  Oh spider. nice try.
Solstice:  Anais Nin

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