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› Sunday 7/31/2005
Tropical Depression:  Planetary alignment
Remote Control Juice:  and so i felt a thought today
Art Colony:  ARGH
Solstice:  Getting Stoned Getting Sonnets
Poop Beetle:  AAA and Chivalry
Nutshell Kingdom:  Tales from the Guillotine (thanks to Karla)
Cootie Girl:  planet 2003UB313
› Monday 8/1/2005
Robot Journal:  Getting on my little astronaut bus
Art Colony:  les oubliettes
Film and Television Rights:  I spy
Sunshine Jen:  I Wanna Be Sunshine Jen
Art Colony:  l'esperienza "Northern Soul"
› Tuesday 8/2/2005
Gator Country:  why can't women have dicks?
Nutshell Kingdom:  John Ball - Light of My Life
Art Colony:  mad props to libraries everywhere!
Cootie Girl:  keep back 200 ft.
Poop Beetle:  John Ball is someone
› Wednesday 8/3/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  RIP - Al Aronowitz
Art Colony:  I sleep in my clothes, yes?
Nutshell Kingdom:  15 Months
elanamatic:  Longer Weekends
Tropical Depression:  White Light, White Heat
› Thursday 8/4/2005
Gator Country:  wine club. on the road. portland 5th avenue suites-style, how ya doin'.
Pony:  Cottage vacation
Nutshell Kingdom:  Musical Revolution
Art Colony:  Kidz books and Kidz TV--word!
Nutshell Kingdom:  Ghetto I-Pod
Lisa Says:  summer camp circa 1987
Honky Cracker:  No one Thanks The Peein'-the-Poo-off-the-Back-of-the-Toilet Guy
Art Colony:  a letter from me at work to biff
elanamatic:  Smells like elephants
› Friday 8/5/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Stars Exploding in the Night, or Electric Eels Under the Covers
Nutshell Kingdom:  Bulldozer Man
Pony:  Summer Camp Memories
Art Colony:  i hate you, MC CHRIS!
elanamatic:  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Sunshine Jen:  Three happyrobot Superheroines
› Saturday 8/6/2005
Solstice:  The Antworten
Solstice:  These Mortal Coils
Solstice:  I want a kid