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› Sunday 2/13/2005
Road Dust:  Diverse Voices in Literature
Film and Television Rights:  Desks I have Known
Learning to Fall:  Gill must go.
Solstice:  Thursday, February 10th
Solstice:  Monday, February 14
› Monday 2/14/2005
Cootie Girl:  pink eye, yellow moods, green clovers and purple Nautic Star tattoos
Robot Journal:  Ironically, I am rejecting your rejection - Volume I
Road Dust:  read this before killing yourself on valentine's day
River Rat:  Girty's Crotch
Lisa Says:  cravings
Art Colony:  da foahteenth
Nutshell Kingdom:  2 words about this week's job
Learning to Fall:  Valentines
Pony:  Things I wish I had captured on film:
Nutshell Kingdom:  little trivia box
Solstice:  Tuesday, February 15th: Happy Birthday Lily
› Tuesday 2/15/2005
Learning to Fall:  After the bomb.
Dog Years:  You Did It To Yourself
Art Colony:  i just fell asleep in english class
Nutshell Kingdom:  Prize Fight
Sunshine Jen:  Parking Lot Guy
Learning to Fall:  The scoop.
› Wednesday 2/16/2005
Robot Journal:  Farewell crazy ass dogs
Art Colony:  yarrrrr
Pony:  Dear winter:
Cootie Girl:  Dear NHL,
Pony:  marriage
elanamatic:  It's like being in a bubble
Learning to Fall:  the f-bomb.
Solstice:  Wednesday, February 16th
› Thursday 2/17/2005
Lisa Says:  colossal, enormous, gigantic, huge, immense
Art Colony:  Katie, the universe owes you a HELLUVA lot of good karma points
elanamatic:  Feeling
Solstice:  Thursday, February 17 (i)
Solstice:  Thursday, February 17 (ii)
Learning to Fall:  The good news.
› Friday 2/18/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  This Machine Humors Fascists
Art Colony:  pick your favorite character!
Nutshell Kingdom:  Fantasy Wedding from a boy's perspective
Pony:  TV sucks
Learning to Fall:  our rights.
› Saturday 2/19/2005
Road Dust:  it never fails
Art Colony:  i swear, I can totally explain
Robot Journal:  Bob Swanson and the Wonderful Fixing Computer Camel
Honky Cracker:  On Thursday October 30th, 1997 at 3:37 AM, We Were Twenty Years Old