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1. Once in Providence, an Irish guy pulled up next to me and asked directions. My directions were apparently vague enough ("just keep going that way and eventually you'll see something") that it reminded him of a joke. The punchline of which was "keep an eye on my things" which he pronounced as "keep an eye on me tings." It wasn't really funny without his accent.

2. We were driving down the road for a portion of the joke telling. Side by side, blocking traffic. This may have been the least illegal traffic violation taking place at that moment. Providence!

3. I was walking the dog when suddenly nude skydivers began to land all around me. "What's all this then?" I asked one of them. "We're co-ed nude parachuters," he said. "Perhaps you have seen our t-shirts on college campuses."
"I have not," I said.
"Oh. We put the nude in parachNUDEing," he said.
"That isn't even clever," I said. I noticed the dog was sniffing at this parachuters business. "Cold up there?" I asked.

A nude Irish lady floated past. "Keep an eye on me tings," she said.

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