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In Short
Since it got warm, I dug out my shorts. It turns out I basically have 2 pairs. Khaki-ish Gap shorts, and these gingham old man shorts, which you can see my undies through. I decided that I'm not going to wear see-through shorts to work (but I probably could if I wanted to). I also decided to go buy some new shorts. Then I found out why I only have two pairs of shorts - because all you can get these days are goddamn cargo shorts.

Now, I do tend to carry a ton of stuff in my pockets, but I just don't want cargo shorts. The extra space might be nice, but having a choice in short style would be nicer. They're fine on other people, but I felt like an idiot when I tried them on. So I guess I only have 2 pairs of shorts until the crotch blows out on one of my pairs. This happened to my friend, but he has ball mice.

In other news, the hot weather either has caused the bug up my coworker's ass to either swell up, or reproduce. If he keeps up this attitude he's been giving me, I will be forced to jam something up there to try to squash the thing. At least it doesn't buzz like a cicada, I suppose.

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