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I partied like it was Feb. 3rd, 1999
Five years ago it was my 28th birthday.

I lived in Boston's South End. If I lived there this year, rioting superbowl douchebags would have flipped my car. I sensed this potential and moved.

I did not have a friend I refer to as "the Dorf" yet. That would happen many months later that year.

A friend of mine sent me a Taco Bell cybermeal for my birthday. A few days later she would send me an email containing the line "I am sorry the dog is racist." I have no idea what dog she is referring to. Possibly one that had called me a honky pigfucker. Or maybe the Taco Bell dog. It remains unclear.

I think in 1999 my office still cared about people's birthdays and probably took me out to lunch. Even though I am at the same job with the same boss (dear lord, get me out here), they could give a shit now. They only know it's my birthday because my parents sent me an e-card that played happy birthday. I should have turned the sound off.

Feb. 3rd 1999 - my cat was obese. She still is. She is also a pervert, as I caught her watching me shower this morning.

I think I was still doing stand-up comedy then. I am in a band now, which I prefer. But comedy was fun for a while.

I ordered a $130 dollar book as a present to myself. It was an out-of-print history of American picture books. It's pretty nice.

I assume that at some point I was drunk. My saved emails give me no indication of this one way or another, but it's probably a safe bet.

I may add to this as the day progresses. I am not awake yet. I imagine this was also the case five years ago.

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