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Score one for Rhode Island
Sort of.

For a while I was buying up every old or neat camera I could find on eBay. Then I took some of the film to get developed at the place near where I worked (back when I lived and worked in Boston), but they really did a crap job when it came to 120 film. As a result, I lost some interest in these cameras, leaving many of them with half-finished rolls of film inside. During some of the bazillion snowstorms we got this year, I dug out some of the cameras figuring stuff would look artsy if nothing else. My Holga came first, and the place here at RISD did a really nice job of printing them. So then I got out my really old (like 1919, I think) Kodak Autographic Brownie and finished the roll that was in there. I got the pictures back today, and even if they didn't come out well, they have a really nice haziness to them (which is exactly what attracts me to old and or craptacular cameras). So, on my very short list of stuff I like about Providence, I will add Abar Digital Film and Imaging for their 120 prints.

Oh, and this is the one that came out best. That's our driveway, and the neighbor's house (the neighbors that don't shovel their walkway) and our dogwood tree. I think there's a ghost in the lower right corner too.

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