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Let's try to be positive about Providence today. (I took a Sudafed Nighttime last night, and it kicked my ass. Hence, I will be out of character today.)

Good things:
The rose bushes in our yard are blooming this year. Apparently they were "award winning" until the people who lived here before us moved in (before them, it was a little old lady who was a hell of a gardener). We thought they were pretty much done for, but they're bouncing back. We need to trim them better, though.

To keep the squirrels from eating the flowers off the tulips, we have enlisted a fellow by the name of Spooky:

Providence is the birthplace of the "Andre the Giant has a posse" phenomenon:

(The fact that Tiny B is 1' 1" kills me. Ditto for googly eyes.)

And, er, people here are o.k. with their alcoholism?

I guess that's a bit of a stretch. I kind of just wanted to make use of my new camera phone.

It was nice meeting everyone this weekend. For those of you who were present for my rat dissertation, I have some follow-up news: when we got home Sunday, Mijo chased one that was easily the size of a large squirrel/small cat. It was the biggest yet.

Free Buddy!

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