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I see pee
So, I was waiting in line for lunch, and there were two businessmen in front of me. One of them suddenly whips out his phone, and shows the other a picture of his child sitting on the toilet. "Little guy's really trying hard," he says. (I assume he meant at potty training, though I suppose the little guy could have just been really bound up.) Now, maybe it's just that I have no interest in other people's baby pictures, but I so do not want to see some douchebag's kid punching one out. I realize the picture wasn't meant for me, but I can't help but wonder if Businessman #2 felt the same way. I think I'm going to put a picture of Mijo taking a crap in my phone and start showing it to people at random. "Little guy's really trying hard. He got into a whole mess of cheese the other day."

Anyway, I got my food and walked out to the street, smack dab into a Juggalo. Face painted, big ICP shirt, you know the deal. I briefly hoped that ICP wasn't in town at all, and that he just had to share his Clown Luv with the world, but I turned the corner and saw another dude just in a t-shirt (where's the paint? JUFFALO!), so I guess they're in town. Though, it wouldn't surprise if Providence just happens to be a hotbed of ICP love.

Juggalo trumps kiddie toilet pictures, so I was back in a good mood.

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