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Something fishy in Providence
For the last week or so I've been watching these tiny fish in the river behind the building I work in. At first, I thought I was just seeing bubbles from rotting garbage (I've been fooled before), but amazingly the river seemed able to support life. This was a bit of a shocker. They were getting pretty active in the last few days, and I even saw a few jump out of the water into the air. Apparently something big went down this weekend, as the river is now full of lots and lots of little dead fish. I thought, "Well, at least they don't smell bad," and then the wind shifted as I was getting lunch, and there it was. I'm not sure if they just came up the river to spawn or something (the herring used to come up into the Charles when I worked at a hotel on the river. We'd go out at lunch and watch them thrash around. My boss claimed you could find old Portuguese women in Somerville who could read them and tell you your fortune. I never remember seeing loads of dead herring though), or if they came here seeking a better life. Had they asked me, I'd have told them to chance it elsewhere.

Nothing gold can stay, Ponyfish. Do it for Johnny.

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