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Morans can't drive in the rain iPod 5
When it rains in Providence, the highways will come to a standstill. This one's going out to the surface roads:

Moby "If Things Were Perfect"
I forgot this was in here. The iPod seems to not be big on the Moby.

Journey "Lights"
It's not Faithfully or Any Way You Want It, but it'll do in a pinch, mostly due to saying "sitaaaaay."

Quasimoto "Maingirl"
I was emailing a guy from one of the mailing lists I'm on about rap. Mainly how I used to get very excited about it, but all I know about it now is what I hear on the radio/see on MTV, and I'm really not into it. This guy said, "You should check out more underground hip hop. That's where the creativity is." "Where do I find out about underground hip hop?" I asked. "" he said. Painfully obvious, I thought. This was my first purchase based on this discovery. Remember when rappers had a sense of humor?

Stereolab "Wow and Flutter"
The likelihood of a Stereolab song coming on random on my iPod is like 90%. You can't go wrong with the Lab.

Eggs "Claire's Snares"
I forget who I had actually gone to see, but Eggs was one of the opening bands, and given that they were all total nerds, I embraced them instantly. The drummer on this tour was this pudgy little guy, and I remember a friend of mine saying he looked like he was really into pudding. I got this record and was telling a friend of mine at work about it. Mainly that it was poppy stuff, with some trombone thrown in here and there. He started telling me about this band Cake that I should check out, who were sort of the same thing, but with trumpet. Years later, Cake was huge, and I way prefer Eggs. However, as the Great and Powerful Cos has taught us, Eggs are in Chocolate Cake. And Milk. That's Nutrition!


I was surprised that I only got 5 songs out on the way to work, but then if you figure 3 minutes a song, that's almost half an hour. To go 5 miles.

Oh, and Providence drivers:
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