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The Germans annexed my iPod
So, on the ride in today, only two songs played on my iPod. This is not due to a faster commute, though traffic was lighter than I expected (however, it did still come to a standstill in several places, thanks to bends in the road). I thought to myself that that was just too few songs to put up here, until I thought about what they were. I'm going to go in reverse.

2. Neu! "Negativland"
This one kept going and going. It wasn't even finished by the time I got out of the car. At first, I thought it was Section 25, because all I could hear was the bass line (and one side of my car stereo doesn't work). But I now know that Section 25 (and probably at least half the bands on Factory Records) owe Neu! some bass line royalties.

So I thought, ha ha, the Germans took over my iPod. Then I remembered the first song that had come on:

1. Alsace Lorraine "Dreams I Can't Control"
Kids I knew in high school would always put Alsace Lorraine as the answer if they didn't know the answer on European History tests, because they figured chances were pretty good that Alsace Lorraine was involved. I think chances are pretty good this extends into iPod land. I imagine now the songs will be dragged into extensive trench warfare, cutting down the song population greatly.

A few years ago I read Tomi Ungerer's childhood autobiography. He is from Alsace Lorraine, and he goes on at length about how nice it is. Alsace Lorraine the band is also very nice.

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