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St. SIKE (sic)
So, we have reached the point in the house selling experience where anything seems like a good idea, if it gets results. Some of my friends we visited at Christmas suggested burying a St. Joseph in the yard. I looked up some stuff online about this tradition, and figured what the hell. I went to Home Goods, figuring there would be a bunch of leftover Josephs after Christmas, but the only ones they had were 3 feet tall and cost $40. For a minute, I thought it would be really funny to go that overboard, but I resisted, and instead bought a "St. Joseph House Selling Kit" online, which is really a tiny statue with a booklet telling you how to bury him. I figure I can try to deduct the cost as an expense necessary to make the sale.

So, the kit arrived last night, and I buried him out next to the For Sale sign as per the instructions. This morning my phone rang, and it was the realtor. This was a gigantic "holy shit" moment.

Then he said he was just going to try switching the listing to Cranston, as we are right on the line, and being listed as Providence isn't getting us any calls.

So, I have yet to be swayed. It might be time to invoke St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.

I'm sure not being the least bit religious probably isn't going to make old St. Joe too eager to help, either.

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