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Dropping a different kind of BOMB
Anyone who reads the chatbot probably knows I have my share of issues revolving around being right next to the bathroom. A friend of mine forwarded me this email, which really puts my situation in perspective (but in no way makes it acceptable to crap with the door open). Society is going down the crapper, even if society's wastes may not be.


It has been brought to my attention again that someone defecated on the restroom floor for the third time this week. This is not a game, this is a serious matter. You may not know but noroviruses are transmitted by fecal-oral route, and human stool is the main source for the spread of these viruses (that cause acute gastroenteritis). We are very angered by this act, and its resulting act of placing the housekeeping staff at risk for illness. I have reported this incident to the Police; it even deserves an FBI investigation.

Also, please use the break area trash cans to discard your old coffee-ground instead of pouring it in the restroom sinks and trash cans.

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