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Sinister blue minivan
One of the perks of unemployment is that I get to see the daily goings-on in the neighborhood. One of the more noticeable weirdnesses is this blue Chrysler minivan. There is a pudgy middle-aged dude who just sits in it on our block all day long. He was out there a second ago. He is almost always out there. Sometimes he's alone, sometimes there is a lady in there with him. This morning she was with him, and they were smoking (and littering). It sucks, because we can usually get parking right in front of our house (miracle of miracles) or at least on the block, but sometimes we can't because he's just sitting there in his car for hours at a time. I've tried to think of legitimate reasons for this, but all I can come up with is that he's a courier, yet I never see him on the phone or radio. And he must make like 1 delivery a day. We are close to the BQE, but not so close that it's convenient. To get back on, you need to go a few blocks in either direction. So I have no idea. Especially since he smokes with an old lady a lot of the time. We saw one of those "if you see something, say something" signs the other day, and discussed whether or not this constituted "something." We are conditioned by Providence to think that even if you are witnessing a crime in progress, it often is not worth the Polices' time (i.e. drug dealers). So, we're stumped.

Stevie update: She has her eyes open (still gross, but improving) and is even using the litterbox on her own (good kitty!). This morning she is even out and about, and a touch on the pesky side. She went to the regular vet yesterday and in general is o.k. (aside from the eyes, of course). She has a fat little belly now, but is still skinny. That will pass.

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