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  Adventures in Dating
by T.A. (II)

[new writer for 2003!]
I'm not single, but I go on a lot of dates. Oh, look at that, I just got dumped, so I guess I am back out on the street after all.
Actually, the last time I was shopping with my now ex-boyfriend he pulled a shirt off the rack that had "Single" emblazoned across it all 70's style and said, "This would be perfect for you!" In hindsight, that sort of seems like a hint.
That whole thing sort of f*cked me up, but I am over it now.
I think.

Anyway, there are a lot of freaks out there, and I've dated most of them. I have assigned them all rather transparent code names to protect their identities, but if one of them ever read their little entry, they'd probably never know it was about them anyway, cuz they're freaks. Nuff said.
With respect to Adventures in Dating version 1.0, here are some of my stories.

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