last night on the mass pike . . .


Klutch.xls: teh 7 is teh ma9ic numb3r

seven failures in seven years

one: career: what a mess. i can't seem to stay in a job for more than a year or so without getting completely disgusted. so i bounce around without advancement.

two: family: all i do is dissapoint them. i owe them money; i don't see them often enough; i don't return phone calls. we're one step away from being aquaintences.

three: friends: who needs em? at least that is what they think i think about them.

four: the creative life: i don't write anymore. i don't play my guitar. i don't paint. i consume. and consume. and think about machines.

five: faith based initiatives: i am too cynical about the things i once believed in. now i believe in nothing. and i'm not talking about religion. just everything, vaguely.

six: motivation: it's too much trouble to open up MS word. so i'm writing this in notepad. with a pencil.

seven: i can't even be bothered to come up with a seventh.

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dear h.c. last night on the mass pike . . .

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