I have literally called everyone I feel brave enough to call, and still no one will talk to me....so I'm literally just writing on this machine because I don't have a human to talk to me and I'm kind of too full to be alone....of course, it's kind of amazing to be alone as well. I'm listening to the Beatles White album that has Back in the USSR on it (ohhhhhhh Amazing!!!!). I wish someone could tap into my brain and laugh with me. It's impossible to tell you the thoughts I have (I'll try: california, fun celebrity nothing to do, ancient vales, rock n roll beatles, the spirit of union with other fascinating humans, just to enjoy talking to each other more than making amazing music - a thing like that). Alas. No one can really tap into anyone's brain (SOB SOB). A very nice movie or paint and brush would be EVEN BETTER THAN WRITING ON KRISTEN's WORDS, but alas, I don't have access to the money. Mark is gone for the day and has my wallet. I have $5. So, here I am at home waiting for my new pond that kent dug to fill up.

Hope you've enjoyed this nonsense.

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