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not april fools 3:45 am yesterday

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Hear ye hear ye:

Robin and I will be making our Belgian television debut.

Back again at apt for andrew and andrew's mp3j nite, Robin and I were caught dancing on camera by a belgian tv crew. For an evening of impromptu dj's with 7 minutes to spin some mp3's overseen by andrew and andrew in labcoats and taped dork glasses, the music was pretty kicking. And oddly enough, the models were friendly. Really really friendly - tongue down the throat friendly and plentiful.

Robin and I spun:

Boom I Fucked Your Boyfriend
Shut up and Sleep with Me
Crazy Penis by Harry the Bastard

This belgian tv thing better not eat into my 15 minutes. But I will definitely ask andrewandandrew when it's going to air.


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not april fools 3:45 am yesterday

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