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the story of brandon - chapter iv shumai ";tour"; diary, pt. 2

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Ok, so in a nutshell here is the first entry into the Shumai "tour" diary, just because I have nothing else to write about right now.

Friday, Feb 14th: Yay, day off from my job where they treat me like a 7 year old and pay me accordingly! I am up at 6:30 (Woo! Rock and Roll!) We pack up the stuff and hit the road at 10-ish. We are off to DC under Orange Alert conditions. (BTW, whenever I mention to anyone that I'm going to DC they react the same way: "Oh, nice...oh...*concerned look.*)
We end up stopping at several rest stops as we all have tiny bladders and some of us have low blood sugar issues. The rest stop in Cranbury, NJ holds the most fun as there is a family with 3 children, all of whom have dirt moustaches, a lady in full evening Goth wear and a machine that, for 50 cents, will crush a penny into the distorted image of the World Trade Center. There is also one of these in Maryland where you have a choice of Martin Luther King or a picture of a golf club that reads "lucky ball marker."
We finally reach our hotel which is fabulous looking at about 8pm, but since it has just opened nobody seems to know what's going on. The fridge in our mini bar is actually giving off heat. I call 3 times to have it fixed, but nothing ever happens. Oh, well.
We then proceed to Arlington, VA to play the "Indie Pop Sock Hop," where the obese drummer of the first band (a bar band from PA) tells me that we'll be good with about a year of practice. I supress the urge to kick him in the nuts. But we make a decent amount of money and meet nice people including the Sprites people. An invitation is extened to go drinking and to meet Ian Svenonious from the Make-Up. As we are tired and that guy has taken way too many semiotics classes, we politely decline, head back to the hotel and pass out.

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the story of brandon - chapter iv shumai ";tour"; diary, pt. 2

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