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Inside the hand
This photo doesn't really portray what's going on very well, so I'll have to do some explaining, and you'll just have to trust me. First of all, this was taken from above. The photographer, Smithers, is two levels above Wilkins and me. Secondly, our location isn't immediately apparent. Remember the picture of the Crossed Scimitars that I posted earlier; the Scimitars that mark the entrance to Saddam's infamous parade ground in Baghdad, where he always appeared in public at his podium. Well, we are INSIDE one of those hands.

Behind the hand, there is a hatch in the sidewalk. Almost like a sewer cap, but much smaller, and better hidden. Lifting the hatch reveals a ladder that leads to a narrow tunnel under the street. Following the tunnel will bring you to a set of small, dark rooms. One of these rooms has a ladder that leads up into the giant bronze hand. It's like being in the hand of the Statue of Liberty, only this hand is fashioned after Saddam's hand, and is in one of the most infamous places in all the world. As most people know, the Statue of Liberty's hand has been off limits for many years, so not many people have been up there - well, I'd have to wager that even fewer people have been in Saddam's hand.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
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