Charlie Teams Angels
Even though I'm now at home, I'm going to post some older images that I have been holding on to. This one, is my squad in Baghdad. Any time you saw Saddam on TV, he would be standing where my squad is standing. Often, when he addressed the people, he would either start, or finish by holding some kind of weapon in the air - much like we are doing. We altered the pose a little bit, and threw in some Charlie's Angels for good measure.

Things to notice in this image: SSG Hill is holding an AK-47 that we borrowed from an Iraqi Policeman who was giving us a tour of the area.
Smithers is wearing his cool "Highway Patrol" glasses, and sighting down his pistol like he's going to shoot someone.

Earlier that day, I stole a circuit board out of the security system that controlled this building. It's the perfect war trophy for a geek like me. I also got in trouble for writing "I love Stace" on the wall - I never got a chance to get the picture taken.

Thursday, March 24, 2005
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