Walking Tall
This is one of my favorite pictures, and I'm not even sure exactly why. For one, I'm not even in this picture.

SGT O'connor is on the right, and Luke is on the left. We had just cleared this cleared this little compound while we were on patrol. We decided it was a good place to test fire our weapons, so we shot a couple of 203 rounds (40mm grenade fired from the M203) and fired the SAWs. It was early in the deployment and at a time when things had cooled off slightly, after a wild month or two. This was after SGT O'connor got back to Iraq after having to take Emergency leave for a family matter, and before he went home for health reasons. A reasonably small window.

Anyway, this is a great picture. I wish I had more of SGT O'connor, because that would have meant he stayed with us longer. He was missed - but we made it through just the same without him.

Thursday, April 21, 2005
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