Unfortunately, I don't have many photos of the actual mission. Jefferson Parish, although badly damaged, was not as damaged as the heart of New Orleans. (Jefferson Parish is about 20 minutes from the SuperDome)The biggest problem with Jefferson was Lawlessness. Looting was rampant, snipers were attacking rescue workers, police and helicopters, and a "bad element"
was attempting to run the city. The police had taken control of a hotel to use as thier base of operations. By the time we arrived, they had not slept in days. Marshal Law had been declared, and they were doing everything they could do to restore order.

We immediately began patrols, both on foot and mounted, day and night. We also supplied security teams to guard the hotel where the police were based, as well as some banks, stores and car lots.

The foot patrols were more a show of force than anything, and to reassure the people that the law was back in the hands of the authorities. The few people who were in the city came out of thier houses to thank us for our help, and to give us tips on where the problem areas were. Every person we spoke to was happy to see us.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
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