By the middle of the second day at the Air Station, supplies arrived. More porto-potties were delivered. Food (if you can call MRE's food) and water were dropped off by the truck load. We took as much as we could carry, not knowing what the conditions would be where we were being sent. We spent our time imparting our knowledge to those that needed it. Giving small classes, and making sure our men were prepared.

As a Sergeant, I am a team leader. As an Infantry Sergeant, I am a Combat Leader. I prepared my men for combat, because that's what we do. Two of my three guys were brand new. They needed a lot of work. The other team, was comprised of nothing but Combat Vets, so they were find. SSG "Ski" - who's name is impossible to spell - was my acting Squad Leader.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
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