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Fell down between the crack between this last year and the new one. I finally came to with a bruise on my hip and swollen eyes.

Reaching the finish line, his face came into focus. Finally, after years of blurred features.

I sat up, realized I hadn't fallen that far. I pulled myself up by my arms in either side of the fault. Rain drops splashing on my face. It was easy without someone hanging on to me.

I had won the fucking race. I had won it and there he was. The prize. The wreath of flowers to adorn my neck. They looked like funeral flowers and I suddenly felt mournful for the race. The twists, the turns. The wipeouts in training. I heard the nails in my coffin. One. Two. Three.

Sitting now on the edge, my feet dangling into the fissure, resting. The ground shaking, the crack closing. I yanked my heavy legs out one by one. I lost my right shoe.

Now? Free. Not loved, but not alone. Rather walk singular then with a prize around my neck, weighing me down. Rather have someone ride beside me. Where I can see them.

Free. Reborn?

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