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It doesn't matter who our next President is...
Now that our infrastructure's climbing rope is fraying against the cliff and the expiration date on our jug of natural resources is almost due, I have decided to recommend a return to selective collectives. Small bands of roving, aboriginals once roamed the earth, gathering and hunting their sustenance without socio-economic or class structures inhibiting their quest for survival. Harsh, often unfair governing prevailed. Those out of accordance with the tribe were removed, and exposed to probable harm inflicted by opposing tribes.
I'm sick of millions and millions circumventing their representation and focusing on a single governing individual, who seems to set the flavor, tone, and volume for our shaken, never stirred "single voice".
We are a country of individuals, forced to forget the hopes and dreams instilled in us by our spider monkey ancestors and compelled to reduce ourselves in the shadow of a single dream, a single self.
No more!
I am for the tribe! Disband this grand facade! Unite under rural government in groups of six to eight!
If that don't work for you, I think Rudy Giuliani is going to win.

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