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Sweet Potatoes Fried

First the background: On the Sunday of my birthday weekend last spring, a gaggle of hungover rapscallions (the dashing Pony and Kiff among them) assembled at the back of some silly stuffy bar in Yorkville (Hemingway's maybe?) We had all ended up at The Cumberland to see Eternal Sunshine and The Spotless Mind (good movie!) and a number of us were feeling the munchies. From behind the pages of the oversized menu, the one item that leaped out was Sweet Potato Fries. YES! That will improve our collective brain power. YES! That will set our tummies back to neutral. YES! That is the most delicious concoction we could ever wish for at that moment.

Plates of sweet potato fries were immediately ordered. Ketchup was secured. Salt shakers at the ready. Our collective anticipation formed a tidal wave of saliva. Instant gratification was around the corner.

A waiter approached, delicious fries extended "Sweet Potatoess Fried?" Hee hee. Is he being snarky or what's the dealio? We shrugged and took the yumminess off his hands.

"Sweet Potatoess Fried." He was there with our second order. We gobbled those too. It was clearly more pronunication issue then bitchiness. From that moment forward we call them Sweet Potatoes Fried.

Oh right, the recipe. Well it's not much of anything. Very simple and I actually bake them cos frying seems like a big mess:

1 (or 2) Large sweet potato
1 - 2 tsp olive oil (I use a little spray bottle and just spritz 'em up good)
Pepper (I use chili pepper or cajun spices cos I am into the hot stuff)

Preheat the oven to about 400F
Slice potatoes into either thin rounds (chippies), or thin strips (I like the strips, more fry like!)
Arrange potats on baking sheet, brush or spray with oil, sprinkle with seasonings and pop 'em into the oven.
Should be done in about 20 mins or so depends on how thin you slice them.
Remove from oven.
Enjoy with liberal amounts of ketchup!

mmm ketchup.

This week's yum is all about the open faced almond butter with sliced banana, and honey drizzles. Sticky tasty balanced goodness!

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