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15 months

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Dear Mia -

I am typing you this email on my shiny new macbook. It is pretty sweet! You are currently having a shluf, something you are very good at - this is also pretty sweet. Your dad is catching up at the office and I have the house to myself. It is quiet and clean, two things I have really come to appreciate.

You are more fun every day. In the beginning, I was pretty happy to be back at work, but now that you are walking and talking and laughing and dancing, I miss you like crazy come Mondays. You are totally scrumptious. You still love to eat. You also love to dismiss certain food items without even trying them (rando!)  or drop them onto the floor. Thankfully, you also enjoy cleaning and are very helpful at finding bits of food or wayward autumn leaves that you find under the table or on the floor.

We spend most of our time together with you climbing into my lap and asking for the same stories over and over and over. You love to say the words you know. Every fruit is an apple. Butterflys are bubahs. Cows say moo. Cats say meow miow. And of course Dogs say bow wow wow wow wow. You can be more entertaining than TV when we ask to see your belly button and you lift up your shirt to show us your extremely round full belly and pinch it and point. 

We are so lucky to have such an easy going (you sleep in every morning until 8!) and lovable baby. I took you to the doc this week and when they asked me if I had any concerns about you, I said "Nope. My only is that if we ever decide to have another child, they won't be as easy as you." That pretty much sums it up. You are super special and I hope you have fun on all our upcoming adventures together. I also hope that you keep up the dancing but that someone else (maybe your auntie Marsie?) will teach you better moves, cos your dad and I are pretty pathetic (but also hilarious!) when it comes to bustin out the moves.

Ok better cut this short. I have celery sticks to fill with cheez whiz for tonight's Mad Men Season Two Finale soiree. Luvs ya!

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