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Hello world -

So at the urging of my one loyal reader, the lovely and alluring kat, I am updating this space with a quick recap of the past few weeks:

Last week, the dude and I went on a quick weekend jaunt to L.A. to visit with his sister, her hubby and our adorable little nephew Benny. He is soo funny and cute. He likes to headbutt you repeatedly and grab hold of you in an attempt to try standing.

We took him to the L.A. zoo where I saw a white alligator... Speaking of alligators, after going to see Devil Wears Prada (Loved it!) a few weeks back with Superfantastic Nora.. Soon as the movie ended, I wanted to watch it again, instead we headed up Queen West window shopping along the way. We noticed a cute store selling bags was still open, we ducked in and each came out with a new purse! Mine has a little 'gator on it (not too shmancy, it was on sale!)

But I digress. Other L.A. highlights include my yummy Nature's Grill Burrito from Poquito Mas in the valley, where I spotted sexy Laura Dern and hubby Ben Harper and kids getting some tacos treat and shopping at Camarillo Premium Outlets

I also did some serious shoe shopping in Palo Alto prior to my work meetings that week, including the purchase of my fave new black patent flats! (See for yourself here.) Adorable!

In other exciting news, when my mom was in town last weekend, we celebrated her birthday with a nice dinner out at Pony. We had the best waiter.. He is fairly elderly with huge dark-rimmed glasses and a thick French accent. He's waited on us before and he is both charming and sweet!

Anyhow, my mom is not much of a drinker but I convinced her to start the night off with a Kir Royale to celebrate. She was so cute! She got giddy from the bubbles and alcohol, and asked why I had never turned her on to them before. Yay! Drunk mothers make for way more chill mom/daughter bonding sessions.

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