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a pony.
Last night we had salmon patties and mashed potatoes with creamed pepper peas which is just about the best thing Momma makes and she can cook anything and everything under the sun and make it taste good. I ate three of them and Momma smiled 'cause she likes to see me eat when I'm hungry.

After dinner I almost forgot to have Momma or Dad sign my release form for a field trip for Earth Science class that I didn't want to go on 'cause it would make me miss the first part of baseball practice.

"It's to a stupid farm with stupid animals and stupid farmers who don't know anything about baseball." I wished there was some way out of it and then felt like a genius for the idea that popped into my head. "Hey, it might be dangerous for me to go and be around all those wild animals--pigs or cows might stomp my arm and then the doctor might have to cut it clean off and wouldn't it be better if I just went to baseball practice instead?"

"They're domesticated animals, stupid." Jillian called me stupid when she was the one with half a creamed pea stuck on the side of her chin. I decided not to tell her it was there.

"Besides," and she got all misty eyed and dough faced with that pea looking like a little green mole on her chin, "they might have a pony."

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