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milk 'em.
Sometimes I can be so wrong about stuff it's just not funny--well, it is, but not really. Like that time I was sure that my pet turtles were not moving very much at all 'cause it was cold out and that it would be good to warm them up in the toaster oven for just a second, but Jillian was heating a biscuit with ham and cheese in there and she said "Ewwww!" and that she'd kill me if I put my stinking turtles in the toaster oven with her food, so I put them in the brand new microwave. It didn't say how long on the dial to put turtles in so I just figured ten seconds would heat them up and then they'd feel better and might move more quickly like they did after sitting in the sun, only there wasn't any sun that day and a few seconds in the microwave should do the same thing.

I was wrong about that.

Yesterday I was wrong about the trip to the dairy farm in Earth Science class, too, and it turned out that I didn't miss anything at practice since it was the first night of conditioning and everybody got taught how to stretch and then did laps and drills that I'd already learned about from my dad.

That farm was way cooler than I thought even though all the girls said "Ewwwww" at everything we saw like calves coming out of mother cows and at the smells which I got used to right away. Girls say stuff like that 'cause they're girls and they always say that no matter what even if it's nothing bad at all like Jillian saying it when my turtles were clean and lived in water that I changed every week so there was no way they could be dirty.

The cows at the farm were huge and we got to hook 'em up to the automatic milking machines and then follow the milk through cool glass tubes and stainless steel pipes all the way down the milking room to the processing area where it gets purified and then goes into a tanker truck the size of a giant gas truck like the ones that fill up the service station only they're obviously for milk only.

It would be so cool if a milk truck filled up the gas station with milk instead of gas and white milk would come out when Dad filled the tank on his car but it wouldn't be too cool if gas came out of the milk cartons when we opened 'em up at school. That'd suck.

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