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a duck.
"It's a duck, damnit!" Terry was pissed and more than a little scared.

Kelly Durham and Ricky Coates are the two worst bullies in our town and they had Terry cornered in dark hall, the hallway outside the gym that only has two lights where kids make out in between lunch and fifth period classes, but mostly the older kids and the D.G.s. We call the nasty kids, the ones who've flunked five times by sixth grade and are already shaving, D.G.s--short for degenerates, which is what Mr. Gantt calls them. Rick and Kelly are kings of the D.G.s.

Kelly and Ricky had Terry's sad, turd colored ceramic mallard hen and they were tossing it between the two of them, over top of Terry's head, playing keepaway.

"It looks like a piece of shit, squeaky." All the bullies call Terry squeaky 'cause of his high pitched voice. The name fit.

"Just walk away, Terry." I tried to be quiet, thinking they would let a gimp in a cast alone if I wasn't stupid about it.

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