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it was.
Kelly came at me first, not to hit me, I'm pretty sure of that. He moved towards me and kinda' caught his foot in his pant leg and he fell forward. He stumbled towards me and I backed up a little; I'm sure it looked like I was afraid he would hit me, but he didn't. He did come close to falling, though. That's when Terry laughed and squeaked a little and then Ricky made it impossible for us to walk away without sayin' somethin' to those guys for being jerks.

"Listen, asshole orphan boy," Ricky Coates is a mean prick, "why don't you take your ceramic turd home to your mommy before we shove it back up your ass."

"Yeah, take it home to your daddy..." When Ricky wasn't being a dick, Kelly was right there waiting to take up the slack. "Oh, that's don't have a daddy, do ya?"

"Fuck you, you goddamned retard bully. You can't even pass fourth grade without practicing twice at it, you degenerate moron." Terry wasn't squeaking now, he was roaring at Kelly. "and Fuck you, too, pizzaface!" Terry looked at Ricky and spit at him when he said it.

It was way past the time to go is what it was.

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