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and once.
Ricky and Kelly looked at each other and then at Terry. Then they looked at me and I just shrugged and kinda' pointed at my cast and shrugged again and stepped to the side, away from Terry a little bit more, and once I was far enough away to maybe make a run for it I looked at Terry who looked like he was gonna' crap his pants and instead he read my mind and we took off.

We both turned fast and ran for the end of dark hall towards where the main hall is brighter and where there would be more kids and maybe even a teacher, 'cause finding a teacher was the only way Terry was gonna' keep from getting a bloody face. Terry passed me right away and then so did the two D.G.s and just when they were about to overtake Terry, Kevin Wilson and two of his friends stepped around the corner and saved us.

Ricky and Kelly are older than Kevin but Kevin is a wrestler and he's tough and everyone knows not to screw with him, except now the word around school is that I'm tough enough to mess with him but we all know that's just not true.

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