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all the time.
Kevin saved our skins but Terry wouldn't have known it if I hadn't told him 'cause he was long gone. He ran out the door leading to the gym and kept on running the whole way home. With my cast swinging side to side I couldn't keep up, and funny, but if it weren't for having the cast, the two D.G.s probably would've brained me instead of passing me and running into Kevin. All the time I was thinking how lame it is that someone like Terry can outrun me.

"What'd he do to them?" Terry asked later when he came over to my house.

"He told them they ought to pick on kids their own size and if they really wanted to fight someone they should join the wrestling team so they could learn how to fight legal."

"That was it?" He seemed disappointed. "No ass kickin'? No ball bustin'?"

"Nope," I said. "No runnin' all the way home, either."

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