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like a farm. and it.

Learning to Fall: was more.
"He was more than I imagined." Ms. Harriet brushed her hand against her chest, high near her throat, curling her fingers a little bit like maybe she was trying to tickle herself when she said it.

"Is he cute?" Jillian asked the stupidest questions, even stupider than Terry who is a complete fussbudget ninny as Momma would say.

"He's married to Terry's momma, you idiot." I had to say something.

"That doesn't mean he can't be cute, gimpy." Jillian rapped her knuckles on my cast and pulled my earlobe.

Momma sighed and put her hand on Ms. Harriet's shoulder. "He's cute alright."

"Those eyes..." Ms. Harriet looked like she'd just run a mile, her cheeks and neck were red as beets.

"Oh," Momma looked sick all of a sudden like Ms. Harriet. She pulled hard on her cigarette and breathed out smoke, "it's what he says and how he says it that gets me."

I do not understand girls.

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like a farm. and it.

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