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and it.
Dad and Gill and Terry's Momma and his new found dad came into the kitchen and caught Momma and Ms. Harriet all redfaced and unable to speak.

"Hi, I'm N.B." I introduced myself and stuck out my broken wing and he shook it like it wasn't broke or nothin'.

"My name's David, N.B." He shook my casted hand and bowed down a little bit. His eyes were bright green and his skin was dark like he spent all his time at the beach. He wore his hair shoulder length like a hippie only his hair was clean and shiny, not like the stringy hippies that hung out by the baseball field smoking thin brown cigarettes and strumming on an out of tune guitar.

"Terry says you're his best pal and that the two of you are going to play for the Phillies some day." And it sounded like it would happen the way he said it just then.

"Terry told you right." I didn't know what else to say and stood there holding onto his hand until mine got sweaty and I figured I better drop his or it would look like we were holding hands, which I guess is kinda' what we were doin' anyhow.

I can see why Momma likes him so much.

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