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and it. about two.

Learning to Fall: years ago.
In all the excitement of Terry's dad coming back I completely forgot that next week I get my cast off! It seems like years ago when Kevin Wilson tumbled me down the hall and my bones poked hot against the inside of my arm in two big bumps, threatening to push through the skin.

Sitting in homeroom today before the bell rang Terry asked when it was I would get to use my arm again. I told him next week then I asked him to close his eyes.

"C'mon," I begged him. "I've only got one good arm and that one's practically useless...it's not like I can even smack you hard enough to matter."

He looked at me with his lips pinched shut tight and then closed his eyes and it looked like his mouth was a big eye making the same squinchy shape as his eyeholes with wrinkles going out from the sides like his eyelashes.

I stood up and leaned close and angled my cast so Terry's nose was right at the end of my arm near my fingers and said, "Smell this." Then cupped my left hand against the upper part of my arm and I blew into the top of my cast near my armpit.

When the smelly air came gushing out around my fingers it felt hot and stank like someone farted a dead armpit right into Terry's face.

Terry's eyes snapped open and he yelled, "Fucker!"

We spent the rest of the morning in the principal's office.

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and it. about two.

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