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At Doc Minnehan's we had to wait in the front parlor of his house, which I guess is his waiting room even though it looks like he and his wife and kids live there what with toys and dirty dishes on the tv tray next to the door to their kitchen and all. Mrs. Jacobs was there with her daughter who's got this big growth on her foot the size of a cantaloupe and it ruptured last night so she was in there ahead of me getting it removed and that was more of an emergency than my cast comin' off.

"Elsabeth just woke up cryin' to me somethin' awful, Mr. Sherman." She put her huge hand on Dad's wrist and it made my dad's arm look like a twig in her hand.

"Corabeth Jacobs..." Dad reached over and laid his hand on hers on his wrist and, just then what I used to think of as my Dad's big paw looked like a tiny white maple leaf on a bracelet she was wearing. "We went to high school together, your daddy hired me to work on your farm, your brother sang at Cleora's and my wedding--hell, you were even there," Dad smiled and laughed while he rubbed her fleshy mitt.

"Yes, that's right, Mr. Sherman." Mrs. Jacobs was blushing, and let me tell ya', that was a whole lot of pink!

"So, Mrs. Jacobs..." Dad laughed and squeezed her hand, and when he did it was like his fingers disappeared in her pudginess. "When are you gonna' start calling me Phil?"

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