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coma. information

Learning to Fall: a difference a day.
Momma told me they put me in something called a coma to keep me from feeling pain 'cause they thought I had a really bad burn, which I do but not as bad as maybe they first thought.

Ya see, when the ambulance first brought me to the hospital the tee-shirt I was wearin' when I followed Terry's trail to Mr. Gill's, they thought the big dark circle burned black and charred was my skin. But really it was the wolf and the lettering that had melted to my skin. The head doctor in the emergency room thought it would be best to put me in a coma since he didn't know the circle burned black and bubbly wasn't really me and he wasn't sure if the cut and bump on my head were serious so it was best to be safe.

Right in the middle of Momma's explanation the door opened to my room and a nurse walked in pushing a cart. I could see a cop sitting outside my door.

"Why's a policeman out there, Momma?"

Momma didn't say anything and she looked away. She stood up and walked to the door, turned around and looked like she might say something, but she didn't.

"They think you killed that guy in the house that burned down." The nurse blurted it right out there and I thought Momma would kill her with her eyes.

"But I don't think this little cutie could kill a fly." She rubbed my head above the bandage there and I could feel my cheeks turn red and got that squishy, warm feeling down there and that made me get redder.

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coma. information

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