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a difference a day. police men.

Learning to Fall: information
Right after the nurse left I told Momma everything I remembered up to the point where I blacked out. I told her about Terry's trail of destruction and she believed me.

"I know you wouldn't do anything like that, N.B." Momma sure is good to me.

"Terry's the one they need to talk to."

I told her about stuff she already knew since Jillian and Alex had told her while I was in a coma about Terry actin' like a butthole in front of everybody and then goin' mad when Alex pointed out that maybe Terry's long lost dad might be gay like Jacob since they were roommates and all. I didn't call Uncle Jacob a butt pirate to Momma, though.

"Honey," Momma put her hand on mine, "we don't know where Terry is. He's missing."

"What do you mean he's missing?"

"Sweetie," she petted me, sometimes a little too hard. "They think Terry might have died in the fire."

"That's crazy, he was runnin' out of the house and knocked me on my back." I was sure he didn't go back in to save Gill. "He hated Mr. Gill. He'd never go back in to save him."

"Besides," I was thinkin' hard, "didn't you say the house exploded, then caught fire?"

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a difference a day. police men.

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