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i see you.
"Is the T-U better now?" click. "Or is the T-U better now?"


"Is the V-B better now?" click. "Or, now?"

"The first one."


"How about the T-U? Better now?" click. "Or, now?"

"It was clearer before you changed it."

"Clearer now?" click. "Or, now?"

"The second one."

"Here?" click. "Or, here."

"Yes, the second one."

"Okay, clearer here?" click. "Or, here?"

"The second one." Sheesh, does he think I'm cheating or something? My eye doctor is a total dork. At least, maybe, this time he'll give me glasses that don't sit crooked on my face and, maybe I'll go a week without smashing them the way the last ones were when Terry slammed his bedroom door in my face during a game of Stratego. I wonder if he's killed my dog yet?

"Better here?" click. "Or, here?"

"The first one."

"Now?" click. "Or, now?"

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