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My new glasses came in today and I'm tryin' 'em out, lookin' at pictures in Momma and Dad's albums. You know, just like how you have to run real fast around the block when you get new sneak's, that's how I felt about my new glasses. I had to give 'em a good lookin' through.

Momma has taken about a bazillion pictures of me and Jillian and even more of Dad and his pals. In almost every picture of Dad, back when he and Momma were first married, Uncle Jacob is standing arm in arm with either Momma or Dad and it's funny how it looks like Dad married twins. Funny.

I found a picture of me when I was born, at least that's what it said on the back of the yellowed photo--that it was me. I must've flipped it over a hundred times to make sure it said me and not one of those aliens from Saturday Night Live with the cones on their heads. Momma says it was 'cause I came out "sunny-side up" which has something to do with me being turned wrong and one of the bones down in her "ladyland" pushin' hard against my head, givin' me a conehead.

"You came early and gave us fits at first." Momma always told me I was a preemie, and I thought that meant I was "premium". When I asked about why I was behind bars she told me they kept me in a special baby ward for a day on account of me comin' early and I used to think I was born in a prison 'til I asked special about it.

I quick looked in the mirror with the picture and couldn't even tell it was me. I do think my new glasses make me look cool, though.

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