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Friday through Sunday, March 9th - 11th, 2007

Friday, March 9th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - turkey sandwich with red onion
Dinner - none

PT -

1.2 miles to train in the morning
2.2 miles walking home at night

Saturday, March 10th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - nothing
Dinner - Amy's chicken pot pie, Amy's tamale (not really a tamale - more like a mexican pot pie)

PT -
15 minutes stretching
50 flutter kicks
50 crunches
3 sets 30 pushups
45 situps (no pressure on feet)

Sunday, March 11th

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - Amy's mushroom and olive pizza
Dinner - more of that same pizza

PT -
15 minutes stretching
15 minutes with free weights (shoulders, chest, bis and tris)
50 crunches
feeble attempt at pushups (arms a mess from weights)

Stace was on tour this weekend, so I had the house to myself. When her mother was here, they bought a whole freeze full of Amy's frozen food - and I ate most of it this weekend.

Started PT again, and I hurt pretty bad today.

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