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This post was inspired by the one, the only Cromulent -- and brought to you by the good folks at Greyhound, their fabulous 10:00 PM Sunday night four-and-a-half bus ride from NYC to Boston, Camel Lights, John Lawton, and Bass Ale.

The Telltale Fart
A Fartrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Batman Fart Robin
The Dark Fart Returns
Farton Fink
Night of the Farting Dead
The Breakfast Fart
Fart Green Tomatoes
A Hard Day's Fart
Farting Miss Daisy
The World A-Farting to Garp
The Godfarter
The Godfarter, Fart II
The Godfarter, Fart III (this one leaves skid marks)
Motley Crue's Fart at the Devil
Stephen King's The Fartknockers
Sheena is a Fart Rocker
The Fart Who Wasn't There
Lo-Fi Tennessee Fartin' Angel
The Neverfarting Story
Gorillas Fart the Mist
28 Farts Later
Fartz in the Hood
Fart on Me

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