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Bonfire of the Panties
Here's another fun little game I like to play. I'm sure you've all played this before. Just pick a movie title, and then make a porno movie title out of it. Simple. Enlightening. Fun with friends and also enjoyable alone.

In the Mouth of Agnes (In the Mouth of Madness)
The Jizzard of Oz
The Assin' of the Christ
Poke-Her-Cunt-Ass (Pocahontas)
The Poonies
E.T. -- The Extra Testicle
Reaming the Cube (starring Christian Slater and Ice Cube)
Gone With My Pants
The Black Stallion (this one stands on its own)
Meet Balls
The Beastmasturbator
or The Breastmaster
I'm a Stud (Amistad)
Bonfire of the Panties
Her-Assic Park
Crack to the Future
Hole O'Might (Dolomite)
Ass Pirates (Ice Pirates)
Ramblow (shown as part of a double feature with The Beastmasturbator)
The French Erection
The Great Muppet Raper
The Empire Strikes from the Back
Star Whores: Attack of the Cojones
Miss Dick Pizza
Face Get Balls (Baseketball)
101 Fellations
Spinal Tap that Ass
Diddle Her on the Roof
Thighs Wide Slut
Fill Bill

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