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Let's All Have a Glenn Danzig Christmas This Year
This is a crazy time of year, for a lot of reasons. The weather gets cold, people get testy, giant hoofed mammalia suddenly up and learn to fly. That sort of thing.

When I get a little out of sorts this time of year, I step back and remember a simpler time, in a simpler place. I think of my family, and the many, many holiday seasons we spent together in the snow.

Dad would sit by the tree, smoking his pipe. He smoked that apple tobacco which made the whole house smell like apples. Mom would cook homemade hot chocolate on the stove -- virtually from scratch! -- and sing Christmas Carols all the while...

Then, on Christmas Eve night, we'd all gather around the altar and ritualistically sacrifice chickens to Satan.

Wishing a very Glenn Danzig Christmas to you and yours.

Love, Honky.

Tell your reindeer not to come my way...

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