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Naming The Band
So I'm looking for some assistance in naming my latest musical endeavor. I've decided that in the name I'd like to celebrate my love of tards. (which means, 3pk, you have to be in the band.) Here are some suggestions. What do you think?

Side note Ideally, I'd like to name the band "Crap Your Pants Say UNNNNGH!" but that's probably a no-no.

Yarh! There be Tards Ahead

which celebrates my love of pirates, tards, and unnecessary punctuation in the middle of sentences. but not, unfortunately, my fascination with small text.

or maybe just Yarh! There be Tards

Corky's II: Corky's Revenge

Becca Said O.K. (from 3pk)
Prepare to be Boarded... BY TARDS (from 3PK)
Fear For Knobs
Get Downs and Boogie (from an anonymous chatbot reader)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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